About Puligny-Montrachet

The history of the Chartron family is closely entwined with that of Burgundy, and more precisely with that of Puligny Montrachet. Jean-Edouard Dupard, the first of the dynasty when mayor of Puligny, who obtained the right to associate the name of the village with that of Montrachet.

From father to son, Chartrons are men of the soil. Not any soil, the varied and magical soil of Burgundy where wine has been made since the III centuary.

With a restricted number of vine varictics - mainly pinot noir and chardonnay, the area is a study in excellence of the expression of the soil. 'We must respect that diversity' affirms Jean-Michel Chartron. Parcels of differing type and structure, geological variations offer a complex and diverse range of wines.

With the passage of time, acreage of the domaine has increased, extending today to 14 hectares in Puligny and its neighbouring villages. Wines made from the magical "terroir" of Burgundy , the domaine is one of the most superb estates in the village of Puligny, in particular for the 1ers and Grands Crus.

La Cote, a small dry and quite ugly mountain wrote Stendhal adding 'are the people of spirit never ugly?'. The spirit of the Montrachet which is a 'magnificat sung in a gothic cathedral'. Discovered by bishops, these lands with their prestigious wines and substantial incomes.

The village of Puligny Montrachet, established in the lower part of the slope, lives only by and for its vineyards.Vines are of such value that in the village the houses are clustered together, no room to expand! In Puligny all the wine cellars are at ground level, because the water table is very close to the surface.

In this village of exceptional 'terroir' , the wines of Jean Chartron are gold.